Friday, January 15, 2010

Crystal Candles

Crystal candles are very easy to make and look very beautiful. Wax crystals are available in different colors and fragrances in craft stores . The glassware adds beauty to the candle.

Things required-
Wax crystals
Wick, wick tab

Take a glass container ,wipe it clean.

Thread the prepared wick through the wick tab and keep it in the centre of the glassware.

Pour in the wax crystals in small amounts as they have to be pressed with the forefingers to avoid spaces.Keep adding the crystals till the glass is 3/4 full. Several layers of different colored crystals can be poured in carefully.

Keep the wick centred.

Trim the wick to the level of the rim of the glass.

The candle is ready !

To set the wax crystals ,pour in a tiny amount of plain hot Gel. It will keep the wax crystals adhered, since its clear it does not show.

If layers are required then the color combination should be decided before making the candle and the crystals poured in accordingly.

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