Friday, March 16, 2012

Gel Candle Making

Gel candles are very popular and are much appreciated for their beauty and variety . Gel is transparent unlike paraffin wax and requires a glass container ,these candles are easier to make as they require no unmolding.
Gel wax is highly inflammable and a double boiler is a must . It melts at 200 degrees F and should NOT be overheated.Special gel colors and scents are used.
The glass container can also be decorated with 3-D colors to add to the charm of gel candles.
Gel,gel colors,zinc wick, wick tab,candle thermometer
Embeds like stones, shells,optional
3-D colors for container decoration
Glass container
1 Heat gel in a double boiler carefully on low temperature till 200 degrees F
2 Position the wick
3 Layer the glass container with solid uninflammable items like stones, shells
4 Carefully pour the melted gel to avoid bubbles
Do not move the container for a few hours or until the gel sets.
TIP- Decorate gel containers and keep them ready for making gel candles.

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