Thursday, October 28, 2010

Easy Wax Diyas

Diwali is the festival of lights and earthen diyas are still very popular and readily available. Its quite exciting to see beautiful diyas in various shapes and sizes being sold in the market.Traditionally diyas are filled with oil but we can fill them with wax and have a spill-free Diwali !
Select diyas , wash and dry them . This will get rid of the dust and dirt. Now paint them in colors of your choice.One can use poster or acrylic colors.
1 If you are unable to get candlemaking material ,break a store bought candle carefully keeping the wick intact.
2 Heat the wax pieces in an old aluminium pot till wax turns liquid.
3 Pour it in the painted diyas.
4 Cut pieces of wick according to the number of the diyas.
Push in the wick when the wax is slightly set.
5 Let the wax harden.
6 Sprinkle some sparkle on it to give a festive look.
7 Enjoy !
PS - All additives are already in the store bought candle so no need to add anything ! Isnt it fun !!!!

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