Monday, November 1, 2010

Easy Water Candle

Water Candles are really eye-catching and a great talking point . One can put any decorative piece inside the glass including plastic flowers , stones, beads, sand and even real fruits and flowers !
1 Wax ,addiitives or a store bought candle
2 Plastic, glass , ceramic decorative pieces or even real fruits and flowers as they will not be coming in contact with the flame anyway.
3 Break a candle , save the wick or follow candle making instructions in the blog
4 Heat wax in an old pan or in a double boiler carefully
5 Select glassware , wipe clean.
6 Put in items of your choice , you can also glue them , fill 3/4 with water
7 Pour the melted wax slowly and carefully over the ENTIRE surface of water like a layer.This is very important .
8 Keep wicks ready. Push in the wicks in the semi-hard wax layer , it will cool faster as its in water !
9 Let the candle set , do not shift it.Do not try to clean any spills .
10 Clean the wax spills from the glassware if any after the candle has set.

Enjoy !
PS- The ENTIRE surface of the water has to be layered with wax so that all the items remain UNDER it and do not catch fire.


  1. Hello, all your candles are so lovely !
    Hugs Marlis (Germany)

  2. Wow! they will spread romance in the air wherever they are. Very nice. Are they gel candles? Happy to follow you :-)


Much appreciated !