Friday, December 11, 2009

Candle making Material

Many people get confused when candle makers talk about molds, wicks and other candlemaking stuff. Even if one joins joins classes for the same , a list is handed to the learner who finds it difficult to select the material from the market.

The picture shows different types of molds for pillar candles, star candles and floating candles. Wick is the soul of a candle and is made of chemically prepared cotton thread.

Stearic acid is essential to make a candle for various reasons it is white and granular in form .

Candle colors are specially made which dissolve in melting wax and do not leave a residue.

Aromas are available in different fragrances and are specially made for candles. Do not ever use alcohol based scents for candles or the result would be disasterous.

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