Friday, December 11, 2009

Beer Gel Candle -Tutorial

Beer Candle is a very highly appreciated candle and is very popular. Both wax and gel are used for making it.
1 Gel wax
2 Paraffin wax
3 Stearic Acid
4 Wick
5 Beer mug
Take a beer mug and wipe it clean. Prepare wick by dipping it in melted wax and stearic acid, hang to dry. Cut a long piece of wick and stick it to the bottom of the mug with fevicol. Melt gel in a double boiler as gel is highly inflammable like wax and it can burst into flames if allowed to heat too much. Pour the melted gel into the beer mug slowly , the bubbles will appear slowly as the gel sets. Wait for a few hours .
Melt plain wax in a double boiler ,add a pinch of stearic acid. Remove from heat and let it cool. Pour slowly on to the mug filled with gel. The foamy effect appears as the wax sets.
Thats why I call the Beer Candle a cool candle, the slightly cool gel gives it bubbles and the cool wax makes foam!


  1. what is wick ?? and plz tel me if i want to place flowers first have to arrange flowers and then have to pour gel wax?? and what is double boiler i dint get plz clear my doubts

  2. want to learn candle carving ,please drop me mail at regarding fees and address.

    very curious to learn the art of carving.


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