Saturday, December 12, 2009

Candles everywhere !

Candles are everywhere ! Place a few of them at strategic places and pronto you get a classy atmosphere. Romantic dinners are incomplete without taper candles and movies showcase them beautifully ! TV shows have candles to lend an ambience to talk shows , interviews and even neverending soaps.

I had been facinated by candles since childhood, being the romantic sort , this grew into a passionate affair when I got a chance to learn designer candle making . It was slightly expensive, ignoring my better halfs frowns I went for the classes and a whole new world opened before me!!

My first candle was made by sacrificing a store bought candle, reusing the wax and the wick ,adding wax crayon for color and an empty Pepsi can as mold ! Of course I had to slice off the top of the can , but it worked and I made my first candle and showed it to my teacher in the next candle making session. She encouraged me and here I am making, selling and teaching candle making for the last six years !

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