Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wax Rose Floaters

Wax rose floaters can be made in molds/ dies available in the market and also by hand . Metal dies are pretty expensive but one can make several roses at a go. People who sell candles and wax roses on a mass scale invest in dies and they can churn out hundreds of roses !
Today I will write about making handmade wax roses. These are individual pieces and can be made with the things available at home, without any extra expense. The size of the rose depends on our whim, each rose is carefully crafted and highly valued as its handmade.

Wax, stearic acid, wick,wax color, aroma (optional), a steel plate, a round bottle cap , a few drops of vegetable oil are needed .Old newspaper is required to cover the work area.

Melt wax carefully in a double boiler ,add stearic acid and color. Prepare wick by dipping it in wax and hang to dry. Grease the plate with oil lightly.Pour the melted wax on the plate in a thin layer evenly and let it set for a few minutes.
When the wax is rubbery , take the bottle cap and cut shapes. Cut a two inch piece of wick and keep ready as we have to work fast !
Carefully pick up a round piece of wax made by the bottle cap and roll it around the wick. This is the centre of the rose. Now pick up other pieces and fashion them into petals and attach quickly. Melted wax can be used to stick the petals.
Making wax roses is easy, but one has to work fast as the wax sets quickly and complete the rose before the wax hardens. If it does, then the procedure has to be repeated!
Wax Leaves- the procedure is the same , mix green wax color and cut leaf shapes with a sharp knife. Pick and stick to the wax rose.

Warning- Wax is highly inflammable and should NEVER be left unattended on stove while melting.


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