Sunday, June 2, 2013

Decorative Candle

Candle decoration is a in vogue these days and there are many ways to make an plain candle stand out with the help of accessories. I have used my air- dry clay cherry blossom flowers to decorate a simple white candle.
It makes a great show piece no doubt but the decorations should be removed  before burning the candle!


  1. Thanks for the idea it was really very helpful...

  2. I love this blog! I make decorative candles and I've been wanting to find some decorative candle lanterns to put them in. I'm throwing a party in my backyard and I think it would look so cool to have tons of lit candle lanterns everywhere.

  3. Good to know that people like my blog !

  4. I love decorative candles, they can be a really great statement piece for any room. I try to make many different decorative candles throughout the year, then give them as gifts at Christmas! Usually I keep one or two of my favorites for myself of course, they just can really make a room look better. I like your pieces, they are simple but fun!


Much appreciated !