Sunday, December 20, 2009

Frosted and X-mas Candles

Christmas is a beautiful festival and has very special childhood memories for me. I love making Christmas candles !!
Everybody loves snow and here is how to make snowy, frosted candles !!
For making frosted candles we need -
A core candle to layer with wax froth
Whisk or an egg-beater , a fork will also do!
A plate, a bottle cap, a sharp knife
Red and green wax color (optional)

Berries and Leaves
Melt a small quantity of wax in a pan and mix red wax color in it. Pour it on a greased plate, let it set lightly, and cut out small dots with a bottle cap for the red berries.
Similarly pour melted green wax on a plate and cut out leaves with a knife.
Wax Froth
Melt wax in a pan , let it stand for a few minutes till a layer forms on it. Take a whisk and churn it till it froths . Quickly layer the core candle with it , the uneveness gives it a snowy effect. We have to work fast and complete the layering before the wax hardens.
Now stick in the prepared berries, leaves as desired.
Let the candle set.
It can be decorated with glitter if desired.

Pillar Candle
Take a white pillar candle , stick the prepared red berries and leaves on it with wax glue or melted wax.Use glitter to make it glow!
Ribbon Candle
Wrap a ribbon round a candle and stick it with cellophane. Care should be taken to take-off the ribbon and other flammable decorations before burning the candle!

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