Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ice Candles-Tutorial

Ice candles are really made of ice and wax, they are also called Lace candles or Cheese candles because of their appearance.Its a strange combination which gives interesting results , most of the time people cannot believe that Ice candles exist.They look very delicate and beautiful as they are both !
One can vary the mold, shape ,design,color combination ,make a tall or a short candle. Glitter can be added to give a sparkling effect to the creation.
Empty milk,juice cartons can be used as molds as after the candle has set the paper can be torn off to reveal the beauty.
1 Ice cubes , broken into small chunks
2 Wax , stearic acid, wax color if desired, sealant
4 Core candle (a candle which will be inside the mold) ,previously made ,optional
5 Mold (wider than the core candle) silicon spray or little oil
1 Prepare the mold , select the one which is wide . Lightly oil it with a brush or use silicon spray.
2 The core candle can be of the same height as the mold , the mold has to be wider as it has to be filled with ice cubes.
3 Keep the ready core candle in the centre of the mold .
4 Fill the mold with ice chunks and pour in melted wax slowly around the core candle. Keep it centred.
5 The hole in the mold can be sealed for some time , enough to let the wax set.
6 Remove the sealant when the wax sets ,it sets quickly with ice ,the water will run out of the mold.
7 Let the mold stand for a few hours and then gently unmold the candle.
8 It has to air-dried for a few days to let any remaining water evaporate .

A pretty Ice candle is ready !

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