Friday, March 19, 2010

Applique Candles-Tutorial

Plain store bought candles can be transformed into works of art by the easy method of applique that is pasting something which in non-inflammable on a ready candle.Use melted wax to paste wax appliques.
1 Kundan or Rhinestones- These are available at craft stores in a variety of colors and can be stuck with melted wax on a candle.
2 Wax appliques like heart shapes ,flowers can be made by using cookie cutters and cutting desired shapes with wax sheets.
3 Dried flowers, look good no doubt but are a fire hazard and should be used carefully on candles. They are used for show candles which are are not burnt but used as decoration.
4 Tattooes or water transfers are used to stick designs on candles by wetting with water.
Wax sheets can be used for cutting out required shapes with cookie cutters.Pour melted wax on a shallow metal plate, let it set ,cut out shapes with cookie cutters.Stick on the candle with melted wax or a hot knife carefully.
Appliques can be made keeping in mind seasons, occasions and festivals.

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