Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rose Candles

These rose candles can be used as floating candles or otherwise and have been made in a mold. They have a burn time of about 45 minutes and are around 2 " in diameter. These are usually sold in a pack .
The advantage of using a mold is that it needs no expertise and anybody can make candles in it. Strictly not designer but very popular all the same !
We see these flower candles being sold at Diwali . The molds are costly but are a one time investment as they have a very long life.
If you want to buy these rose floaters then please contact me


  1. Really i like ur way of teaching.Even though u are doing a busines u are teaching. it is very much appreiciable .

  2. Thanks Vani,I was fortunate to learn candle making and like helping others.


Much appreciated !