Friday, September 24, 2010

Easy Candle making

Many people are interested in making candles but find it difficult to get the materials required.
But one can make floating candles with the things found at home-
1 Store bought candles
2 Wax crayons
3 Tart, idli moulds or small katoris
Never ever leave wax unattended while heating it. Switch off the gas, stove if you have to attend to any other work. Heated wax is highly inflammable.
1 Cover your work area with newspaper
2 Break a store bought candle carefully , we need the wick intact !
3 Prepare the molds by wiping clean , and lightly grease with veg oil.
4 Warm the wax pieces in an old aluminium pan , you can keep the pan on a bigger pan or tava .
5 Put in a piece of wax crayon of your choice if you want colored candles.
6 Do not overheat the wax as it may catch fire.
7 Pour it in the ready molds carefully.
8 Let it set for sometime.
9 Cut small pieces of the wick and insert into the semi-hard wax.
10 Wait for the floating candles to harden , pop out and enjoy !
We do not need any additives as everything is already in the readymade candle.
Be creative and dress up your beauties with sparkle, 3D colors.

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