Thursday, November 26, 2009

Candle making instructions

It is easy to make candles , here is the procedure-

1 Paraffin wax
2 Stearic acid
3 Wax colors
4 Aromas
5 Wick
6 Molds
7 Thermometer for candle making, candy thermometer will work fine.
8 Old aluminium pots and pans , rag cloth, old newspapers.
Wax is highly inflammable and kids should NOT be allowed to make candles.Do not leave melting wax unattended on the gas or stove.

Spread old newspaper on the work area, melt a chunk of wax in the old pot (75-80 degrees c) using the double boiler method, ie, not directly on the gas . Add a small pinch of steric acid (like salt) and dip a long piece of wick in it and hang to dry.
Add the desired wax color . Prepare the mold by greasing it with veg oil, pass the wick through the hole in the mold , tie a knot at the bottom. Seal it with dough or plasticine or wax sealant.
Do not overheat the wax , or it will ignite. Pour it carefully in the mold , hold the wick taunt . Roll the wick on a stick or a pencil and centre it. Place a heavy object to prevent it from becoming loose.
After a few hours the candle will start setting , make relief holes and refill with the leftover wax as wax shrinks and contracts.
The bigger the candle , the number of repours increases .

Patience is required and after at 6/8 hours the candle can be unmolded. Untie the knot , pull out the candle gently. It can be decorated to make it look prettier .

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