Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gel Sand Candle

This candle is made of gel and colored sand layered attractively.
Materials Required
Colored Sand ,available at craft shops
Wick , wick tab
Select a glassware of your choice and wipe it clean.Picture in your mind what color combinations and layering you wish to do. This is important since we are using different colored sand the layering has to be done at one go. If the color combination or the design does not work out then the sand has to discarded. Care has to be taken while pouring in the sand as clear lines of different colors add to the beauty.
Thread the prepared wick through the wick tab and place in the centre of the glass chosen. With a small spoon carefully pour in the different layers of sand , there should be no sand sticking to the sides while pouring.Keep the wick centred.
Melt gel in a double boiler as gel is highly inflammable and dangerous. Mix in gel color as required . Pour in the gel carefully. Let it stand for a few hours. The overspills on the glass can be removed later after the candle is set.


Much appreciated !