Monday, January 4, 2010

Watermelon Candle

This is a very delicious looking candle and looks mouth watering !Its quite easy to make. For this we need a pyramid shaped mold ,so that the candle looks like a slice of water melon.
Wax, stearic acid, red, green ,black wax colors, wick and a little veg oil/ silicone spray ,seaaling dough and a pyramid mold.
Heat wax in a double boiler , mix staeric acid , prepare wick and add red wax color . Prepare the mold by smearing it with veg oil or spray it ,thread the wick and seal the hole with sealing dough.
Since this candle will be made upsidedown we have to imagine an inverted water melon slice ! So the red wax goes in first , fill only 3/4 of the mold.Let it set for a few hours, repour after making relief holes as the cooling wax will shrink.
After the red wax is rubbery or nearly set ,heat a small amount of wax with additives , and pour it carefully. We need a thin white line so the be careful !
After the white wax has set , heat a small amount of wax ,add stearic acid and green wax color. Pour it over the white layer. This makes the rind of the fruit.
This takes care of the water melon slice, now we have to make the seeds to make the candle look natural !
Mix in a black wax color in a small amount of wax and heat it. Make tear shaped seeds with a sharp knife or mold them with your hands.
We can stick them on the ready candle with wax glue or hot wax. Sticking them inside the mold before pouring the red wax can be done but its dicey as generally the seeds settle at the tip of the candle ! Sticking them on the candle is foolproof and easy.
Another way is to paint the seeds with black acrylic paint on the candle.
Let the candle set for a couple of hours and unmold by removing the sealing dough opening the knot.
Enjoy and be ready for the compliments !!


  1. Looks so yummy & a very creative idea:)
    Anita I just started making candles & I had one doubt.......U have said that the 2nd pour be done when the 1st pour is rubbery.....could you please explain this in terms of time??

  2. Wax candles set faster in cold weather and take longer in summers, one cannot give exact timings as such.
    Rubbery wax means soft not fully hardened.


Much appreciated !