Thursday, February 25, 2010

Icecream Candle-Tutorial

This is a very popular candle and quite easy to make !
1 Select a glass of your choice , also select a color scheme .
2 Melt wax as given in candle making tutorial - Melt wax in a  double boiler add stearic acid , color of your choice.
3 Prepare a cherry by making a small ball of red wax when it turns rubbery.
4 Set the wick in a wick tab and position it in the glass.
5 Pour in the colored melted wax of your choice , keeping the wick centered .
6 Wait for the wax to set , the bigger the container, the more time it takes.
Melt white wax and wait till a layer forms on the surface, spoon it in the glass for foam effect.
(After the wax has nearly set pour in wax foam with a spoon keeping the wick centred at all times.)
Top up with prepared wax cherry.
Let the candle set for a day.

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