Monday, May 24, 2010

Candle Carving

Hi friends here is a video of candle carving. I am trying hard to make a nice carved candle but the effort is not good enough to be photographed as yet !
Try your hand at candle carving by watching these videos .
One can master the process only by practising and practising ..............

There are a few things that I have noted -
1 One needs a star candle with 6 sides for carving designs as the loops can be joined in a symmetry .
2 Star candles have sides which can be sliced to make designs.
3 Two or more shades are used for contrast. The beauty of carved candles lies in the inner shades showing thru and the color contrast is essential.
4 The dipping process is a bit dicey but that makes the candle soft while layering it with another shade.
5 Carving can only be done when the candle is warm and soft so time is of essence !
Once the wax hardens carving will result in pieces breaking off.


  1. do you think it is possible to buy a candle that is already dipped in different colours and then carve it? Maybe after warming it in some way (dipping it several times in hot water, for example??) I would love to try candle carving, but I do not have the materials to do the "dipping" stuff.


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  3. Hi Blubi, yes you can try dipping a ready candle in warm water to make the outer layer soft enough to carve.Hot water will melt the candle !


Much appreciated !