Saturday, December 26, 2009

Floating Candles

My candle making hobby is thanks to these colored wax floating beauties , they were being given as a freebie along with some item , I bought the item just for the free candle and admired it for hours. Since then floating candles have always been a source of wonder for me, how could a candle float in water , look gorgeous and burn at the same time ? When I joined Candle making classes I was in for a pleasant surprise as these were the first candles taught to us and turned out to be the simplest.The easy method simply floored me and till now I must have made hundreds of floating candles , each and every one a beauty !!
These are amongst the most popular candles of all . They sell like hot cakes and are always in demand round the year for events, functions and table decorations. There are several kinds of floating candles available in the market and make a great gift item which is sure to be used !These are the safest candles to burn as they float in water.
For candle makers these floating candles are the easiest to make and can be made with left over melted wax at any time . But people who do not know find it amazing to see candles floating in water and burning bright ! The secret lies in the shape ,if a candle is wide like a boat ,it will float !!
There are several types of floating candles ,all float whether they are shaped like a coin, heart, tarts ,roses or other exotic flowers. I bought several kinds of tart molds and churned out lots of floating candles. Of course candle craft shops also sell molds for the same , but this gave me more variety.
Apart from these simple floating candles ,there are wax floating flowers made in dies or shapes cast in thick metal. These are available in a large variety like roses, sunflowers, dahlias,hibiscus etc. One can make several roses in one go depending on the capacity of the die. These metal dies are pretty expensive but long lasting and do give value for money in the long run.
Grease the mold lightly with silicone spray or veg oil, heat wax, add stearic acid ,prepare wick. Add wax color as desired.Leftover wax from other candlemaking projects can be used and no additives are required. Pour the wax into the mold.One can use wick tabs to hold the wick or insert the wick when the wax has formed a layer.Let the candle set for a few hours,it comes out easily from the mold.Set out a bowl of water and enjoy the floating wax beauties !

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