Thursday, August 5, 2010

Encaustic: painting magnolias

I came across wax or encaustic painting sometime back and here is a video to show you how beautiful it can be !
This form of wax painting is quite old and today has been rejuvenated with the latest tools and techniques.
Simply put we need Beeswax and additives and of course colors for encaustic painting. Wood, canvas, prepared glass and card paper can be used as base for the painting.
Brushes , encaustic iron , stylus are needed for the art. A travelling iron can also be used at low temperature so as not to burn the wax or the base !
Oil colors can be mixed in the beeswax and kept ready for use.
If we use brushes for encaustic painting then the wax has to be obviously warm and liquid . A hot plate and muffin tins come handy here.
If painting is being done with encaustic iron then the bar of ready wax is smeared across it and the iron is directly used on the base for making a picture.
After the picture is completed it can be wiped with a soft cloth to give it a shine.
Happy painting !!

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