Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chunky Candles-Tutorial

Chunky Candles are a good way of utilising leftover wax colored bits and pieces ! These candles look awesome and beautiful too.
Please see the instuctions about making a plain candle . I will be writing here about how to put in the chunks.

Wax, mold, sealant , thermometer, colored pieces of wax and wick.

1 Prepare the mold and prime the wick as dicussed in the other post.
2 Select the color scheme of your candle,chunks of one color or multiple colors ?
The background color must also be decided. White background is safe as it gives good contrast to most of the other colors.
3 Break the chunks into pieces, try out the color combination beforehand.
4 Fill the prepared mold with the chunks loosely , there should be space in between . The chunks should not be packed tightly or the ready candle will be a big surprise !
5 Melt wax at 70 degrees C in a vessel, mix in steric acid. The pouring in temperature should be low or the chunks in the mould will melt and turn into a messy color.
6 Pour in the wax slowly .Tap the sides of the mold so that wax reaches all corners.
7 Do not move the candle , let it set.
8 Unmold and enjoy !

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