Monday, July 4, 2011

Stacked Candles

Stacked candles can be made with the help of cookie cutters.
1 Pour melted wax (check out procedure in the blog) in a deep tray or vessel.
2 Cut out various shapes when the wax is semi-hard, make a hole in the centre with a nail .
3 Leave the wax to harden , the shapes will come out easily.
4 Thread the wick through each shape , the wick can be knotted at one end .
5 Leave 1/2" wick at the top.
One can use bottle caps as cutters to make round shapes or use a knife to cut out shapes .


  1. looks different and nice. After we light it, will be maintained till the end?

  2. The stacked candle burns like an ordinary candle as ingredients are the same.


Much appreciated !