Friday, August 12, 2011

Strawberry Cupcake Candles-Tutorial

Fake food candles are pretty unique and most of the times we have to be very creative to achieve the look we want.These are strawberry cupcakes made in real pastry molds used for real cupcakes !
Here is a tutorial on how to make them.
1 Wax and additives (stearic acid )
2 Wax colors , brown for the cupcake, pink for the topping
3 Wick , prepared earlier
4 Pastry mold
5 Double boiler, spoon, wick tabs.

Heat some wax in a double boiler , mix steric acid , a bit of brown color .
Put the primed wick in the wick tab and set it in the lightly oiled mold.
Pour in the brown colored wax in the mold.
Let it set for an hour.
Heat some wax and make light pink shade , let it cool, make froth . Spoon it over the set wax , keep the wick centred.
Spoon red melted wax over it if desired.

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