Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stacked Candles-Tutorial

Stacked candles are fun to make , look beautiful and can be made without molds !
Materials Required-
Left over wax can be utilised for making this candle.
Wax, steric acid a pinch, wick, wax colors ,aromas , cookie cutters or bottle lids.
1 Choose a cookie cutter or a bottle cap of your choice.
2 Melt wax in an old pan.
3 Grease a metal plate and pour the melted wax on it. It can be 1/4 " to 1/2 " thick.
4 Let it set and when its still soft use the cookie cutter or lid to cut out shapes.You can even use a knife to cut out squares.
5 Let the wax sheet harden and the wax shapes will easily come out.
6 Now take each piece and lightly melt it or use a hot knife to stick two pieces together.
7 Stick each piece to the other in the form of stack.
8 Take the prepared wick (dip in melted wax and dry ) and keep a long length of it ready.
9 Make a hole in the centre of the stack with a heated big nail or a knitting needle neatly.Or make holes in the centre of the shapes while wax is still rubbery.
10 Pour a little bit of the remaining wax into the hole after pushing in the wick thru the stack.
Cut off the excess wick , keep 1/2 " at the top of the candle.
The stacked candle can have two or more colored shapes.
All thhe pieces need not be in a straight line , offset a little bit like a spiral.
Three or more sizes of the same shape can be stacked with the smallest at the top like a tree.
The shapes can be prepared and kept ready for use whenever required.ov


  1. Very nice work.
    Best wishes


  2. Really loved your candles.Can you please assist me as to where i can find the beeswax sheets.I stay @ hyderabad.


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