Sunday, January 2, 2011

Aroma Candles

Nowadays aroma candles or votives are a rage, they are in great demand and come in a variety of fragnances . One can find rose, vanilla, jasmine, sandal wood ,pine, coffee and many other candle aroma oils which can be used for both wax and gel candles . Aroma candles are used in spas , aromapathy treatments and to provide a pleasing ambience at home . Pillar, votives ball, floating , T-lites can all be made into aroma candles with the addition of aroma oils.
Lavender candles relieve stress and are very soothing, eucalyptus help in relieving colds ,peppermint help in aches and pains of joints . Citronella candles make great outdoor candles as they repel insects !
Aroma candles are easy to make and require only the addition of special candle scents which are available in candle making supply shops . But only a few drops of the scent should be used in a candle or it can be disasterous , too much of a good thing can be bad ! The aroma candle should have a pleasant fragnance and should not be over-powering like an incense stick.
Aroma candles are made as normal candles and the fragnance oils added at the final stage.
1 Please check the candle-making tutorial in this blog for instructions.
2 Use 1 ounce of aroma oil in 1 pound of wax at 175 degrees F or 75 degrees C .
3 Vybar or stearic acid is essential to hold the scent in the candle.
4 Mix in the aroma oil well for an even scented candle.
5 Be adventurous and make a layered candle with two complimentary scents !
6 Try to match the fragnance with the color for a classy effect, eg sandal wood candles look great in yellowish shades .
TIP- Use only special candle aroma oils as they do not contain alcohol which is inflammable and dangerous.


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