Monday, November 29, 2010

Painted candles

Painted candles are really great for theme parties and get-togethers. One can make or buy candles and paint flowers ,designs,messages as desired. Its also a way to refresh your candles by giving them a make-over .
Painting on candles is not as difficult as it appears .Candle painting is quite forgiving, just wipe off what you dont like. A special medium is available for candle painting but fabric/acrylic paints work fine.
1 Candle
2 Acrylic colors,paint brushes
Take a candle,wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Think of a design ,it can be floral or abstract . Draw a design on the candle lightly with a pencil. Start filling in colors. Dont worry if there are mistakes as they can be wiped clean . Give two coats of colors if required.
Just remember to take scentless candles for painting as aromas have oils which make the surface oily and difficult to paint.
A coat or spray of varnish can be used to seal the painted design.

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