Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dipped Candles

Any candle can be given a fresh look by using the dipping method.
Here a white candle was dipped in pink wax halfway and we got a beautiful pink and white candle !
1 Heat desired colored wax in a container with additives.
2 Select the candle to be dipped .
3 Use tongs to hold the candle if the wick is small.
4 Dip the candle in the liquid wax , fully to give a new coat of color .
5 One can give as many coatings of wax as desired, there should be intervals between coating or the previous one would melt.

TIP- Keep the temperature of the wax coating low so that the candle does not melt in the process.
The container should be filled half-way so that the wax does not spill out when the candle is dipped.

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