Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mushroom Candles

Mushroom Candles are handcrafted novelty candles and add beauty and elegance to any decor.They are quite easy to make.
1 Wax , wick ,stearic acid , red , green wax color
2 Flat tray or baking tray (aluminium )
3 A round flat mold for the base
Melt wax in a pan for the base. Pour it in the lightly oiled mold and let it set for a few hours. Unmold and keep ready .
Mushroom Stem - Melt wax in a pan , add a pinch of staeric acid, and pour it in an aluminium flat tray or plate , a steel plate will also do. Prepare wick by dipping in the melting wax.
Cut a three inch wick ready. While the wax is still rubbery and spongy to touch mark a 2 inch by 4 inch strip for the mushroom stem with a knife. Pick the strip carefully and roll the wick in it. Do not cut the excess as we need it ! This takes care of the stem.
Mushroom Head- Mix in red wax color in the left over wax and heat it, pour it in the tray. While still warm scoop up a small amount and fashion it into a cap for the mushroom stem. Make a tiny hole in the centre of the wax cap and attach it to the ready stem by threading the wick through it. If required a little bit of melted wax can be used to make it stick.The mushroom candle is ready and now the excess wick can be cut.
Base - Take the ready base and layer it with foam wax, green wax color can be added to give it a natural effect ( heat wax , let it cool , make froth with fork or whisk ) .Quickly insert the prepared mushrooms into the warm wax froth as desired .White acrylic paint can be used to dot the mushrooms if required.
TIP- Several wax stems can be prepared and kept ready, even wax mushrooms can be stored and used accordingly.

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